Welcome to SnowRider!

Welcome to SnowRider, the online snowmobile publication and snowmobile encyclopedia owned and developed by David Aksomitis and Linda Aksomitis.

Who are David and Linda Aksomitis?

We’re snowmobile enthusiasts and historians who’ve been hitting the snowmobile trails and race tracks for 40+ years. During that time we’ve gathered a lot of history on our favorite sport that we’d like to share.

David & Linda Aksomitis

David Aksomitis and Linda Aksomitis snowmobiling near their home in Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan.

What’s on SnowRider?

SnowRider is home to the only snowmobile encyclopedia on the Web! We’ve been all around North America taking part in snowmobile sporting events, hitting the snowmobile trails, visiting museums, talking to sledders, and taking photos. We hope you enjoy what we have to share.

Here’s the latest snowmobile news and posts in the snowmobile encyclopedia

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