Tennessee Windrock Mountain OHV Area ATV Trails

ATV trails

ATV driving through mud bog

Mud bogging looks like fun–right? Put on your ATV mud tires and take your ATV through a mud bug, or your 4×4 mud truck! Whether you have a mud bath, a mud run, or get through the mud bog, it will be a challenge.

Are you looking for new ATV trails to ride? Nothing beats the 72,000 acres owned by the Coal Creek Mining and Manufacturing Company, who have an agreement with Windrock ATV (a non-profit, all volunteer club) to maintain the ATV trail system and participate in distributing the ATV land use permits.

So what can you expect to find on the Windrock trails? Whatever you’re looking for! From paved roads to mountain climbing trails, there’s something to challenge your ATV and your skills, no doubt about it.

ATV trails

ATV swamped in mud bog

Who will you find on the trails? Well, just about every kind of off road vehicle and driver looking for a challenge. That includes typical ATVs or quods, dirt bikes, jeeps, 4 x 4 trucks, and rail buggies. Trails are maintained and marked for the different types, so the courses are safe. And judging from the mud splattered jeeps I saw, more than a little fun!

Try these links for more info on an area north of Windrock–the Royal Blue Wildlife Management area:

at Dirtworld.com

If you’re using the ATV trails, looking for a place to stay, &#8212 Oak Ridge &#8212 http://www.cortn.org/home &#8212 is only a few miles away.