Extreme Snowmobiling–Snowmobile Paragliding

Snowmobilers seem to be able to adapt any sport to include the use of a snowmobile!

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) credits British Columbia native, Eric Oddy, with pioneering snowmobile paragliding.

See: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/flying-snowmobile-extreme-sport-pioneered-by-b-c-man-1.1328090

Paragliders use a harness with inflatable wings to be able to take off like a bird and fly. In snowmobile paragliding that harness is strapped onto a snowmobile, with the snowmobiler on its seat instead of being attached to the harness.

To learn more about paragliding see: http://www.paraglidinghq.com/what-is-paragliding/

This Red Bull video of extreme snowmobile paragliding shows how thrilling this extreme sport can be!

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