Lamtrac/G-Force 1 Snowmobile Speed Record

The Lamtrac/G-Force 1 snowmobile set a speed record of 203.3 mph (327.17 kph) on September 23, 2009. The speed record is based on the average of two runs witnessed and certified by  FIA-FIM officials at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. The Lamtrac/G-Force 1 was the first snowmobile to set a speed record at Bonneville.

The Lamtrac/G-Force 1 snowmobile was the brainchild of creators, Donald Gauvin and Gilles Gagné, President/CEO of New Brunswick, Canada, Lamtrac International Inc., a manufacturer of heavy duty multifunctional utility vehicles.

The snowmobile was a 2009 Yamaha Attak, 1000 cc snowmobile, using a Supercharger kit, stage 3, 25 PSI Boost and an Air to Air Intercooler modified to Liquid-Air cool. It ran on C-16 fuel. Transmission and drive train used stock parts, with a modified Camoplast Asphalt Track, 8 inches wide, thinned and grooved. While lowering the Attak’s original body, strategically placed duct tape helped with aerodynamics. A parachute was added for emergency use.

On Sept 17, 2008, the Lamtrac/G-Force 1 made its first run at the local airport landing strip  in Val D’or Quebec. The official speed of 210.8 mph (339.24 kph) was witnessed and certified by ISR (International Snowmobile Racing) officials.

Bonneville Salt Flats records are  set on the average of two runs, in each direction of a one mile distance, within two hours of one another. Bonneville has been used for speed testing since 1914, gaining international recognition in 1937 when Malcolm Campbell first broke the 300 mph (480 km/h) mark.

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