2003 Snocross Battle – Morgan or Hibbert?

If you’ve got racing in your blood, it will be an addiction after you attend a WSA Snocross race! Besides being the most exciting snowmobile event a spectator could hope for, the competition between its two superheroes, Blair Morgan and Tucker Hibbert, makes for a real spectator show. Of course, it also makes the other guys work harder, so more of them are inching closer to the top spots.

x-treme snocross
Staging at a 2003 WSA snocross race

Of course, racing is also about the brands, so with Morgan’s Ski-Doo and Hibbert’s Arctic Cat out for top points, the whole industry is involved. Back in the sixties, it was said that manufacturers would “win on Sunday, and sell on Monday” — and it’s likely still true today.

x-treme snocross
Heavy snocross racing bumping action going on!

Not that the regular trail rider is going to get the same sleds these drivers are hurtling over the “whoops”, off the assembly line. Up close, there are lots of differences. As Morgan says, “We do a few things different to get better handling and performance.” And since the average driver doesn’t do 50 foot leaps through the air, it would seem pretty logical!

x-treme snocross
Snocross racing competition up close out of the start line.

At the end of last season Morgan had claimed 10 wins in the WSA Snocross Worldwide Competition but took second place to Hibbert, who had higher points. This year is beginning to look like a see-saw of wins and losses as both of them drive harder than ever.

x-treme snocross
Blair Morgan leading a snocross race out of the first corner

At the season opener in Duluth, MN on December 1st, Hibbert and Morgan split the wins, with Hibbert getting the top spot in Ford Trucks Pro Stock Class. Morgan was undeafeated in the rounds for the Pro Open, and rapidly took the lead in the final, to run away with the race.

Morgan and Hibbert continued to come out on top at the inaugural Canadian Open Snocross in Winnipeg, MB on December 15, 2002. However, they switched classes, with Hibbert taking the win in the Pro Open, with Morgan not only coming in through the LCQ after a crash, but also crashing in the first corner of the race. The Pro Stock class offered fabulous racing action, but it was between Hibbert and Kuster [Morgan’s teammate] for second and third, while Morgan rode to an easy win. As the race-day played out, spectators never really got to see Morgan and Hibbert in head-to-head racing, since circumstances kept them separated.

Tucker Hibbert or Blair Morgan? Who do you think will take the 2003 season?

x-treme snocross
Tucker Hibbert Snocross racer - photo from 2002
x-treme snocross
Blair Morgan snocross racing photo from 2002

Well, both the Arctic Cat and the Ski-Doo seem pretty equal–and so do the drivers. Hibbert is younger, just coming into his strength, but Morgan shows no signs of weakening. Odds are either one could come out on top this season!

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