Bosak Power Toboggan

vintage snowmobile 1958 Bosak Power Toboggan. Produced in Brokenhead, [near Winnipeg] Manitoba

Mike Bosak invented the Bosak Power Toboggan for winter travel over the snow. At peak production his operation employed three men, as well as himself. He was one of the earliest Canadians to manufacture and sell a snow machine.

Mike began working on his invention after purchasing a farm with a large shop he could use for fabrication. His snow machine was ready to sell in 1950, and production continued until the early 1960s. By 1955, he had a great snowmobile that even had a reverse gear, since Mike felt working people needed to be able to back up.

The Bosak Power Toboggan in the photo is a 1958 model. Advertisments at that time described the snowmobile this way:

  • Used a 9 horse power Clinton air-cooled motor.
  • Carries two persons over any snow conditions, loose, wet or rough snow banks, plus hills or valleys.
  • Works in up to 10 inches of slush.
  • Will tow another sled behind carrying up to 1000 pounds.
  • Top speed 20 miles per hour.
  • Gets 18 miles per gallon of gas.
  • Machine total weight is 495 pounds.
  • Toboggan body made of hard white oak. It is 30 inches wide and 9 feet long.
  • Track is steel heat treated lugs connected to two high-speed steel 3/4 pitch roller chains, and steel case-hardened sprockets are mounted on sealed self-aliggning Dodge pillow block ball bearings to stand up in cold weather.
  • Electric welded steel frame.
  • Three speed transmission including reverse.
  • Cost — $695.00 [reduced from $745.00]

Mike Bosak produced between 20 and 30 power toboggans each year on the shop on his farm into the 1960s.

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