K-12 Motor Toboggan

vintage snowmobile
1953 - K12 motor toboggan

The Four Wheel Drive Company of Clintonville, Wisconsin, took over production of the Eliason motor toboggans designed by Carl Eliason, when his Saynor, Wisconsin facilities couldn’t keep up to the demand created by World War II. The company produced the revolutionary K (for Kitchener) series motor toboggans in their Kitchener, Ontario location, beginning in 1950. All of the K models were designed with rear mounted engines, with the design later used as the model for other rear engine mounted snowmobiles.  The  K-12 series  motor toboggan  was produced starting in 1953, replacing the smaller initial K-10 series.

The Eliason/Four Wheel Drive Company joint production of motor toboggans continued until 1963 when parts and rights were sold to Carter Brothers of Waterloo, Ontario.

For more information about Eliason’s motor toboggans see: http://www.eliason-snowmobile.com/

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