Karpik & the 1978 Cross Country RV Ski-Doo

In the seasons prior to the 1977-78 release of the Cross-Country RV by Ski-Doo, Polaris dominated the cross-country racing scene. That year started out the same way. But by January 14, 1978, Blizzard Oil Ski-Doo driver, Gerard Karpik, had worked his way up to third place at Park Rapids, Minnesota.

Karpik's RV
Gerard Karpik's Cross Country Ski-Doo

Gerard Karpik’s RV in the Snowmobile Racing Hall of Fame Museum

In mid February of 1978 Karpik earned the first of what would turn out to be four consecutive major cross-country titles that season. It was an unprecedented turn of events! Karpik, a 24 year old construction worker from Eveleth, Minnesota, was on a roll that didn’t stop.

By January of 1979, Ski-Doo’s ads read: “Same old sweet song! Every time Gerard Karpik mounts his Ski-Doo, the record books are re-written.” January 13th, 1979, Karpik had 8 wins in 9 races (not all ICCSF sanctioned). The 1979 ICCSF High Point Championship was his before the season even ended.

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