Ski-Doo Racing Sleds – Book Review

Author: Philip J. Mickelson
Publisher: Iconografix
Series: Photo Archive Series
ISBN: 1-58388-105-0
Number pages: 126
Illustrations: black and white photos

Ski-Doo Racing Sleds
Ski-Doo Racing Sleds

Ski-Doo Racing Sleds is more than a photo archive–it’s a documentary on the development of the snowmobile, focusing on the perspective of the Ski-Doo machine. Racing, as anyone involved in the sport will tell you, was the proving ground for the four decades of development that have produced today’s high performance, fine handling sleds.

Mickelson, who spent many years with Bombardier, has drawn on his experience and memories to provide a documented photo history that anybody who’s been there and done that, or who missed the action and would like to find out how the story went, will find fascinating. The photos, many from his private collection, also include lots of racing action shots from Snow Goer magazine, Snow Tech Magazine and individuals like C.J. Ramstadt who were in the pits capturing the action.

Most photos measure around 6 x 9 inches, so you can get a good look at things–whether it’s a corner on the track, or under the hood of the Eagle with its two T’NT 669 engines. Mickelson’s comments under the photos include the features that made each particular sled or shot important enough to rate in the chronology.

The book begins with one of the earliest races in Montreal, Quebec, in 1961. It shows a fleet of Ski-Doos all lined up for a Le Mans style start for a race around the Back River of Montreal. Year by year the history continues, with shots of everything from Steve Ave’s 1966 Eagle River World Campionship for Ski-Doo to close-up shots of the early Rotax engines.

But the story isn’t just about the sleds, it’s also about the people. You’ll find names of professional racers from Yvon DuHamel to Gerard Karpik to Jacques Villeneuve, right up to photos of Blair Morgan, #7c, driving the MX Z REV to incredible successes in 2003.

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