Video Review of Sledz the Movie

Producer: Flashback Films
Starting Line Products Inc.
Playing Time: 60 minutes
Available from
Phone: (604) 534-4577 Email: Chuck Paterson

Sledz the Movie
Sledz the Movie

Sledz the Movie is all snowmobile action! Our #1 reviewer, six-year old Jonathon, was mesmerized by the show. Mind you, his Papa found some pretty good spills and thrills watching too.

Our reviewers picked the hill climbing as the best part of the video, with the close-up shots of the sleds. Whether they were climbing to the top, or rolling down to collide whatever solid object got in their way, the suspense was keen. High marking in the soft powder also kept them glued to the screen.

The video has lots of enhancements, from background music to various special effects. The techniques provided for some interesting watching between the keen competition shots. The range of content was diverse, from mountain sledding to NHRA drag sleds, and even a little watercross.

This is a good video to show newcomers where they might find some thrills on the snow! We recommend it here at SnowRider.

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