Snowmobile Watercross Racing Photos

What do snowmobile racers do in the summer? Race snowmobiles on the water, of course, in snowmobile watercross events.

Grantsburg, Wisconsin, is the birthplace of snowmobile watercross. Photos below are from one of the hottest watercross  events ever, with temperatures soaring up to 100 degrees. This 29th annual snowmobile watercross racing event was one of the fastest shows on H2O on July 16-17, 2005

snowmobile watercross
Snowmobile racers in watercross racing event

#152, Herb Yancy Jr. in the lead, with #769, Mike Smekens behind. The week-end had Yancy take 1st spot in the Semi Pro Open Oval snowmobile watercross.

snowmobile watercross
Chad Maki in snowmobile watercross event

Chad Maki, a 14 year-old racer in his first season, took two snowmobile racing Championship titles–Semi-Pro Stock Oval, and Stock 800 drags with his Ski-Doo.

snowmobile watercross
Pro Stock snowmobile watercross racer

#7 Jason McPheeters, placed 4th in the Pro Stock Oval snowmobile watercross event.

snowmobile watercross
Snowmobile sinks at a watercross racing event

#76 Shawn Zurn, takes 4th in the Pro Open Oval watercross, while another driver’s snowmobile goes swimming.

snowmobile watercross
Snowmobile watercross racers going around the buoy

Corners don’t get any tighter than this one whether you’re racing your snowmobile on snow, ice, or water!

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