Book Review – Vintage Snowmobilia

Binding: Softbound
Full color photos
Book Condition: new
Number of pages: 160 pages
Dimensions: 8.5” x 11”
Publisher: Iconografix 2006
ISBN Number: 1583881697
Author: Jon D. Bertolino

The Golden Age of snowmobile manufacturing went from 1968 to 1976. During this time literally hundreds of snowmobile manufacturers sprang up and then disappeared. Some of these manufacturers were huge blue chip corporations like John Deere. Others were small forgotten companies building sleds in home garages such as the Snow Bug.

The collector market for vintage snowmobile items can be easily compared to the interest in vintage motorcycles, farm tractors, gas station items, vintage boats and outboards and similar motorized vehicles. This book covers snowmobile-related items which are now collectible vintage brand-specific clothing, advertising items, dealer signs, oil containers, snowmobile board games, snowmobile cuff links, and much more. Collectors new and old are trying to determine what an item is worth and if it is collectible. This is the first book to fill that need.

Vintage Snowmobilia fulfills a need that has existed for some time in the snowmobile enthusiast industry. The introduction of the book, and first pages provide an introduction to the author and his interests, along with links to vintage snowmobile museums.

There are 140 pages of full color illustrations of snowmobile memorabilia. Here’s your chance to get another look at things you may have long forgotten: Autoboggan engine oil, Mixfast Snowmobile Oil — in fact there are more than 40 pages of oils and additives. Dollar values are assigned to each different product, although criteria for condition are not defined.

Snowmobile clothing, of course, gets an expansive treatment as well. After looking through Vintage Snowmobilia you may want to dig to the back of your own closet, to see what you have left! While a few products have dates attached, for the greater part you’re on your own to determine what year the suits, toques & stocking caps, and helmets were from.

Vintage patches, stickers, and pins take up the next section of the book, followed by vintage toys and vintage signs. Whether you’re looking for the history of today’s four main brands, or a glimpse at some of the gone, but not forgotten ones like Sno Jet, Rupp, Kawasaki, Scorpion, or Skiroule, you’ll enjoy having those memory banks jogged.

Of course there are also advertising posters and souvenirs–playing cards from Sno Jet and John Deere, snowmobile repair patch from Arctic Cat (for hoods and bodies in case you were wondering!), spark plug caddies, Chaparral tool kit, Avon soap in snowobile shapes & colors, and many more intriguing finds.

Vintage Snowmobilia does a fine job of bringing back memories.

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