2007 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles

Arctic Cat may have fewer snowmobile models in its 2007 line-up, but it’s a revolutionary bunch of snow machines with the updates Arctic Cat riders have been looking for. Firecat and Sabrecat have gone into extinction, so riders will need to look for used sleds in this line or non-currents, if they’ve been dreaming of a new one. The big change for Arctic Cat owners in 2007 will be a rider-forward “Twin Spar” F chassis, with a choice of 2 or 4 stroke engine.

The Arctic Cat M1000 replaces the King Cat 900, and features a Suzuki laydown twin engine. The sled is supposed to dyno 168.5 hp at 7400 rpm. It also sports a heavy-duty clutch desined for big horsepower and easy tuning.

Arctic Cat snowmobile
2007 Arctic Cat M1000 snowmobile

Meet the Arctic Cat M8 with its three track options (141″, 153″, or 162″), and new 800 motor. Reverse is standard, for driver convenience.

Arctic Cat snowmobile
2007 Arctic Cat M8 snowmobile

The Arctic Cat F5 is part of the new F-series of 2007. The F5 is the lightest, weighing in at 485 pounds. One of the unique new features of this series is the adjustable seat–flip a lever and move back and forth, or higher and lower. Handlebars, as you might expect, also are adjustible. The ultimate in rider convenience has hit the snowmobile!

Arctic Cat snowmobile
2007 Arctic Cat F5 snowmobile

Two-up riders will enjoy the retro look of the Artic Cat Panther, with its leopard spotted seat.

Arctic Cat snowmobile
2007 Arctic Cat Panther snowmobile

Riders looking for a wide track sled will find what they need in a 2007 Bear Cat 570 or 660 Turbo model. The 660 is available in either a straight rail or articulating rail.

Arctic Cat snowmobile
2007 Arctic Cat Bear Cat snowmobile

For information from Arctic Cat, see http://www.arcticcat.com/snow/

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