Mountain Mod Mania – DVD Review

SnowRider’s resident DVD reviewer gave this snowmobile mountain climbing series **** out of *****, and said everything was pretty good–nothing was poor.

He found the nitrous stuff the best, because like the guys at Mountain Mod mania, he likes the speed with the snowmobile. The crashes were pretty cool too! Q-Dog’s twelve and he rides good, so he’s an inspiration to other young snowmobile powder riders.

The Mountain Mod Mania 4 DVD explores the rugged North West and Canada as you travel with Doc Zoom and friends. Experience the action at the Big Iron Shoot Out in Revelstoke, Fairview Shoot Out and the Big Dawg Shoot Out in Whistler! See Chad Rebec’s violent 130MPH crash as he rockets up the mountain with “Rated R” a supercharged nitro burning 750HP monster! Watch the “Ultimate Apex” build up and see what goes into making a 370HP hotrod! Check out the new bonus section “The Ultimate Trailer” sponsored by Triton Trailers. MMM4 uses a more conservative soundtrack!

We watched three out of four of this snowmobile mountain climbing series, and as our young DVD rater says, they’re an interesting watch. We enjoyed the soundtrack much more on Mountain Mod Mania 4 too.

Review published 2007.