1972 Polaris Colt Snowmobile

The Polaris Colt line of snowmobiles was introduced by Polaris in 1966 with snowmobile racing in mind. The Colts were shorter, narrower, and lower than the Mustang sport snowmobile Polaris had been producing, so the Colt appealed to drivers headed to the racetrack and looking for more speed on the trails.

Three standard Colt models were offered by Polaris in 1972. Each had a 15 inch track, and was 39 / 29 inches high and 98 inches long. Features included: hydraulic disc brakes, Power-Slide rear suspension, Torque-O-Matic transmissions and Polaratone mufflers.

The photo below is of the Colt 295 Model that had 294 cc 21 horsepower twin engine, and weighed in at 318 pounds.

1972 Polaris Colt Snowmobile
1972 Polaris Colt Snowmobile

This photo was taken in West Yellowstone at the 8th Annual Vintage Snowmobile Round-Up in 2009 by Linda Aksomitis.

Dapper, M. (1993). Illustrated Polaris snowmobile buyer’s guide. Motorbooks International illustrated buyer’s guide series. Osceola, Wis: Motorbooks International.

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