1975 Polaris Colt Snowmobile

The 1975 Polaris Colt snowmobile was the tenth year of production for the Colt series, which first arrived on the market in 1966. This Polaris sport line was targeted at racers and trail riders looking for performance.

By 1975 the Colt line had lots of popular features. The 1974 re-design had added equaliberator slide-rail rear suspension, and leaf-spring front suspension with shock absorbers. As well, the hood had an all new design, with dual headlights set in a black-out grill.

Standard Colt models in 1975 came with a low windshield — including the windshield the sleds were 34 inches high and weighed in at 345 pounds. Buyers had two engine options, the 250 cc or 336 cc Polaris Star Twins.

1975 Polaris Colt snowmobile
1975 Polaris Colt snowmobile - 340 cc model

Photo credit: Linda Aksomitis. Photo taken in March, 2009, at the 6th Annual Vintage Snowmobile Round-Up in West Yellowstone.

See also the 1972 Colt for more information: https://snowridermag.com/encyclopedia/2010/01/1972-polaris-colt-snowmobile/


Dapper, M. (1993). Illustrated Polaris snowmobile buyer’s guide. Motorbooks International illustrated buyer’s guide series. Osceola, Wis: Motorbooks International.

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