Levi LaVallee Record Snowmobile Jumps

Levi LaVallee was one of the most well-known snowmobile snocross racers in North America. Indeed, ESPN ranked him 19th of the top 50 most influential people in action sports – see: http://xgames.espn.go.com/snowboarding/gallery/8692333/32/levi-lavallee

LaVallee was born in 1982 in Longville, Minnesota. A prolific winner of snowmobile event medals at the Winter X-Games, LaVallee may be best known for his record snowmobile jumps.

His first record jump was based on a 361 foot practice run for the 2010 Red Bull New Year No Limits event in December of 2010–he punctured a lung and broke his pelvis during practice for that same event.

This is the video of that jump:

LaVallee broke his own record a year later, jumping 412′ 6″ alongside motocross rider, Robbie Madison.

Here’s the video of that jump:

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